Julie. 21.

I like italian food and my sweet tooth is my kryptonite.

Welcome to the clusterfuck of an existential crisis that is my blog.

49 thoughts on “About

  1. When the book is written, let us know. I’ll cough of couple of U.S. dollars to have one. You have a witty mind. I like the way you write. Oh, one last thing. Height has nothing to do with how far you get in life. Ask Napoleon Bonaparte, he knows for sure.

    Take Care,


    • Oh, thank you! Many many thanks! hehe :)

      Napoleon, the guy who declared himself Emperor of France! We’re learnt a bit about him in 12th Grade History just the beginning of this year! It was amazing!

      Thanks again!


  2. I like your profile, and I wish you luck in achieving all your goals :)

    ‘Just to make the most of life; because you only live life once’ – I like these words, it’s going to be my motto, I think.


    • Yeah? I suppose so. My burning desire is to be a psychologist (most probably specialising in child psychology), but I want to be able to say that I’ve got under my belt a law degree – I most probably (definitely) won’t ever actually practise law.

      I want…to be different? I dunno, I’m a emotional, angst-ridden teenager, I don’t know what I want. Besides, I like law; it’s fascinating.

      Sorry about the spiel… But thanks for visiting!

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    • Awww thank you so much! I’m not sure if I post a new post or update my current one though… *cue headless chicken panic run*. Headless chicken aside, thank you once more, it’s an honour!

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    • This made me snort with laughter. Aw, thanks! I think a lot more of the younger people in today’s society are decent, thoughtful people than we know. It’s just that the minority that are douche bags are louder? BUT THANKS JENNY, MUCH LOVE! :)

  5. I have just called in to check you out… Being that
    you have asked to view my Private Space… Okay
    I will open the gates for you and I hope that your
    visit will be a fruitful one, as my Space is different
    to a lot of the alternatives around our WordPress.

    I look forward
    to seeing you there…


    • Thank you for allowing me the honour of visiting your private space, Andro. I love it. I honestly think it’s amazing and you’re amazing.

      Alternatives, schmalternatives. Unique is beautiful. :)

      • You are too kind my friend, but welcome to drop by anytime that you have the opportunity and I will be calling back into your Space later today to backtrack a little :) Have a funtastic day today UA :)


  6. You know how hilarious it is to read your about page (of which you’ve changed) and go “what the hell are these people on about?” xD
    Just wanted to say I like your fishies very much.
    “Just keep swimming.” <3

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