The Art of Tagging

I’m eating a tomato & basil wrap filled with cherry tomato halves, chopped celery, alfalfa sprouts, and vanilla yoghurt. Yum. I just thought you should know what I’m eating for… lunch. It’s 4:45pm, what meal is that?

So I was scrolling down down the stats page and I noticed a box called ‘Tags & Categories’, which shows the stats for the ‘most popular topics you’ve written about’. Curious, I read the tags getting the most hits on my blog… and promptly burst into a fit of laughter, nearly dropping my lunch onto my laptop. Because my most popular tag is ‘hi‘.

What even.

Shows how much effort and thought I put into my tags :P. I’ve never gotten a comment about my tags though, so I know no one reads them. A good thing really, considering the stuff I put as tags… If you want to see what I’m talking about, go look at the tags for The Grass Is Always Greener and U.S Drones Down Under. God, I’m so weird.

But yeah. Hi.


Random conversation/awkward moment time!

(On public transport)

Male friend – “Hey, how are you holding up?”

Atlas – “I want a baby. Toby, help me make a baby.”

Male friend – “What?

Atlas – “On Sims! The game!”

Male friend – “For a second there I thought you meant…”

Atlas – “Quit talking like your sperm’s all that. I don’t your sperm. Get your sperm away from me.”

Everyone in hearing distance – “…”

Atlas – “Oops. Too loud.”

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