2013 2014 resolutions, baby. Starting from the Lunar New Year instead this year, because… why not.

  • Be a better friend, partner, daughter, sister, person than I was last year.
  • Believe in myself and my capabilities more.
  • Don’t blame myself for everything.
  • Think before I speak.
  • Get over my fear of deep volumes of water.
  • Eat healthy healthier.

Tendency to be impulsive has decreased. Very fucking proud of myself.

Last night was miserable. Tonight’s sleep looks to be the same.

My need for physical reassurance is beyond ridiculous. Why can’t I just believe it when I’m told reassuring things… It’s not like there’s any reason for me to be lied to. But I can’t get myself to believe it, not completely, and it does my head in with doubts and worries that make me unbearably sad over the smallest things. It’s ridiculous. And it fucks everything up.

Here’s to no sleep before my 5am alarm to get up for work.